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A child only gets one pair of eyes to last a lifetime so looking after them is important.
World Sight Day 2005 organised on 13 October was aimed to boost awareness of global blindness and highlight how three quarters of all blindness could be cured or prevented.

Every five seconds somebody in the world goes blind and a child looses his or her sight every minute of the day.

World-wide events which included the distribution of vitamin A tablets to children in Africa to help actively prevent loss of sight whilst other events such as ‘readathons’, competitions and musical concerts raise money for Vision 2020, the registered charity set up to try to eliminate avoidable blindness by the year 2020.
Activity in the UK included the screening of a documentary on BBC World, which followed former Prime Minister, John Major as he investigated avoidable blindness in the developing world and the publication of a world vision supplement in Thursday’s Independent newspaper.

Project Background:

This project is being initiated and implemented by WHERE NGO of Bediakokrom in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The project is not yet operational. However, minimal eequipment is available for eye screening for Children and adults.
WHERE-NGO is a charity organisation dedicated to helping needy people in the rural areas of Ghana whose lives can be blighted by “refractive error”. This is a condition of the eye in which light is not brought to a correct focus resulting in blurred vision which can lead to blindness and even mild refractive dysfunction can make life difficult.
The quickest and modest means of dealing with the situation is by prescription and use of spectacles; simple and cheap but out of reach of millions of rural dwellers due to poverty, rendering them to become statistical figures of the world blind population. This statistical figures released by “Vision 2020” is need very sad as it states that “ Every five seconds somebody in the world goes blind and a child looses his or her sight every minute of the day”. This is a task for the whole humanity.
The ability to learn in school, achieve on the job, and enjoy sports and recreation depends upon efficient vision. Optometric vision therapy assists individuals in developing visual abilities and efficiency most suited to their needs and enables those individuals to achieve maximal levels of visual performance. Optometric vision therapy can help individuals achieve and maintain good vision throughout life.

Our Vision:

WHERE NGO will work for a community in which every child will have access to eye care and if later spectacles.

Our Mission:

To examine the eyes of needy rural dwellers in the Brong Ahafo community of Ghana and train them in eye care skills.
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