Who We Are
WHERE NGO is a Non Governmental Organisation established to promote welfare activities aimed at the alleviation of human suffering and overall amelioration of society especially for the poor, helpless & weak.

The name WHERE was carefully chosen to give a simple definition of the organisation’s activities.

WHERE stands for

Water - (Provision of portable water for the rural population and the needy)
Health - (Provision of health care for the needy and poor and dissemination of information in   the  fight against aids)
Education - (Provision of support for child and adult education)
Resources Building - (Mobilising the resources of the youth towards nation  building). Equality Enhancement through provision of support for women and disabled persons in closing up the gap in their chances for employment and everyday life)
Environmental Awareness - (Creating environmental awareness in the community)

Scholarship for Poor and Meritorious Students WHERE will aim at providing poor and meritorious students from selected schools and communities with scholarship/financial help.

Distribution of study material to Poor students - WHERE will aim at providing Books, educational materials etc. to needy students and schools.

Adult Education - WHERE will aim at organising a regular programme for providing basic education to the adult.

Establishment of Free Medical centre - WHERE will aim at providing medical assistance to the needy and have-nots (Free consultation and medicines).

Moral and Self confidence building activities: - WHERE will aim at organising discussions and forum on "Moral and self confidence building activities" for the benefit of the common people of the society.

Relief work in natural Calamities - WHERE will aim at providing relief work to be generally undertaken in case of natural calamities, flood, earthquake, drought, accidents etc.

Accidents:- WHERE will aim at providing help to people affected by motor accidents etc.

Tree Plantation - WHERE will aim at organising tree plantation work under pollution control programme.

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